Collection: Epicuren After Bath Moisturizers in Six Different Scents and 3 Sizes

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After your bath or shower, finish your skin off with moisture-locking Epicuren Discovery  After Bath Moisturizer. This uplifting natural moisturizing After Bath nourishes skin through natural emollients that keeps your skin infused with hydration and guard from dry skin. Smooth it on all over for an exquisite texture and fragrance that’s light and gentle enough for all skin types and enjoy whispers of fragrant orange all day long.

Comes in Six Great Scents, including Unscented and 3 Sizes per Scent.


  • Locks moisture into skin after bathing
  • Natural formulation full of nourishing emollients
  • Infuses skin with hydration
  • Prevents dry skin
  • Lightweight and luxurious natural orange scent

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