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Set of Pro-1 Hot Knife and Crafters 6" + 9" Hot Rod Style Carving Tool with 3in1 Adaptor

Set of Pro-1 Hot Knife and Crafters 6" + 9" Hot Rod Style Carving Tool with 3in1 Adaptor

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Crafters Hot Knife  6" and 9" Rod Style Carving Tool with Stand and Sled Guide + PRO-1 Hot Knife Combination Kit for every possible type of cutting.

To Avoid Burn Out: on PRO-1, toggle power button on and off while cutting at 15 second intervals per directions.

The combination Pro-1 Hot Knife and Crafters 6"  + 9" Rod Style” hot knives offer a the Power of a blade for large gross cuts and the detailed cutting and continuous duty cycle of a Rod without shutting down to cool.

The PRO-1 High powered hot knife cuts large pieces of foam in stripes and down to size FAST requiring a rest cycle of only 3 minutes.  SEE VIDEO

The Rod is made with a tough 1/8” diameter Stainless Steel outer tubing that won’t bend and warp like comparable hot wire tools.  Other useful options include a versatile sled guide accessory and convenient ergonomic stay-on power switch.  


This new Crafters Rod Kit is available with 5 pieces that include 6” hot rod, a 45 watt power supply and a versatile accessory that converts to a sled guide, rod stand or table adapter plus the mighty Pro-1 Hot Knife for the big jobs.  

 “This new tool kit is packed with every feature consumers have requested,” said Lorraine Marshall, President of Foam Cutting World and creator of the original Crafters and PRO-1 Hot Knives. “It offers affordability, continuous work cycle, strong and long length, stay on the power switch, 110  and 220 voltage and a great new guide accessory allowing precision cutting, safety, and an all-new feature which converts ordinary tables into a foam cutting table”  

The new kit is used primarily by do-it-yourself builders, electricians and model makers but the tools can easily be used for cutting fabric, theater props, packaging, candle making and a variety of other industries with materials that use heat to cut.

Heavy Duty, solid Blade, 5.5" Pro-1 Hot Knife 


Features & Benefits of the Pro-1 Hot Knife

In 2005, due to the demand from Industrial and Construction markets, TL Marshall Company introduced the heavy duty, PRO-1 Hot Knife.  This tool features a 5-1/2" Stainless Steel Blade with single blade construction knife without detachable blades. Won't shut down to cool when you toggle power button on and off per directions.  Offers three temperature settings. 

* Rigid Stainless Steel Blade will not bend or wrap.

* For Construction, PRO-1 Cuts free hand electrical boxes, beam pockets, electrical/ plumbing channels, utility hole passes, and more.

* Contours and shapes architectural embellishments and irregular shapes in foam.

* Economical & Durable

* Won't shut down to cool when you toggle the power button on and off.

* High, Medium and Low heat settings

* Up to 750 degrees F

* One Cut opens more than 1/4" wire channel


  • SMOOTH CIRCULAR CUT - Cutting styrofoam as smooth as a butter with the Crafters Hot Knife Set is just oddly satisfying. Easily make a circular cut on any materials that need to be cut with hot tools with our Crafters Hot Knives' tubular rod design!
  • MULTIPURPOSE - The Crafters Hot Knife Set is designed for everyone! Use our knives for sculpting your dioramas, Halloween or Christmas displays, and cosplay costumes! Whether it be for your business, industrial, construction, crafting or DIY projects, this is a perfect addition to your machine and tool cabinet!
  • LONGER AND HEAVY DUTY - Our Crafters Hot Knife Set, although heats up fast, doesn't need shutting down to cool unlike other tools. This heavy duty hot cutter is perfect for continuous work cycle and its long tubular knife is convenient for cutting and carving thick styrofoam, foam board and blocks, polystyrene, and other synthetic materials!
  • EASY TO USE - The Crafters Hot Knife Set is very simple and easy to use. With just one plug, it's ready for cutting and carving your DIY and crafts material. The longer rod design allows easy and no-mess deep cut and carve. Conveniently and precisely cut with its sled guide and stand!
  • DURABLE - The Crafters Hot Knife Set is made with high quality and durable materials so they're safe and fit for commercial, personal and industrial use. We made sure that our hot cutting tools are built with high standards, well made and are built to last!

* Heats up in under 1 minute

* 110 AV, 130 watts

* 6' Electric Cord


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