The Original Miracle Lips

Miracle Lips Corrective, Protective and Enhancing Lip Treatments with a full line of results oriented products targeting specific needs for the delicate skin of the lips.

TWO CORRECTIVE LIP TREATMENTS - One for Beauty Maintenance and One for Problem Lips. 

Miracle Lips Salve for Problem Lips:  $15.99 MORE INFO

Miracle LIps Serum for Beauty:  $17.99 MORE INFO

TWO PROTECTIVE LIP TREATMENTS - One SPF30 Sunscreen Stick for Lips and Face and One Moisturizing Lip Balm with SPF 15 Sunscreen Protection.  Both Packed with Organic Ingredients

Miracle Lips SPF 15 Lip Balm: $9.99 MORE INFO

Miracle Facial Sunscreen Stick, SPF 30: $11.99 MORE INFO

TWO ENHANCING LIP TREATMENTS - One Lip Plumper in A Rich Butter and Vitamin Base and One Organic 2in1 Lip Scrub and Balm.

Miracle Lip 2 in 1 Lip Scrub: $11.99 MORE INFO

Miracle Lips Plumper: $19.99 MORE INFO AND VIDEO BELOW  


Robert Heiman, the Founder and Formulator of Epicuren and Holocuren, is an iconic figure in the world of skin care.  

His career spans 40 years and his passion for effective, pure ingredients infuses every Miracle Lips Product.  

Holocuren utilizes results oriented, pure ingredients plus knowledge of cellular memory in the formulation of Miracle Lips. The cells in our body have a "memory". When cell division occurs, each cell, whether healthy or damaged, replicates its existing state, creating a domino effect; where there was one unhealthy cell soon there will be a multitude of them. Holocuren formulations attempt to reverse this effect by changing the health and vitality of the lip cells back to its normal balanced state.

Try All Six Lip Treatments and Experience the Miracle Lips Difference.

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