Collection: Miracle 2-in-1 Face and Body,

Introducing The Miracle Shower Spa Collection 

Treat Your Body to Facial Quality Ingredients

Ingredients matter!  Why put fabulous ingredients on your face but not the body? Why not treat all of your skin to the same care, sensitivity and effectiveness!  Bring this Spa-Like Experience to your shower and bath. Formulated to improve texture and resilience of your skin. This unique combination of ingredients leave the face and body feeling clean, soft, moisturized and replenished. 

Refreshing scents that appeals to the senses and refreshes your entire body.  Gentle and effective for sensitive skin without SLS Foaming Agents that strips skin of its natural moisture.  


Enjoy the Luxury and Convenience of these 2-in-1 Products for Face and Body.

Learn about the full ingredient deck at the bottom of each product page.

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