About Us


Founder & Formulator, Robert Heiman and Holocuren President, Lorraine Marshall

Who We Are

Robert Heiman, the Founder and Formulator of HOLOCUREN products and the original Epicuren, is an iconic figure in the world of skin care. His career spanned 40 years and his legacy lives on in the love and passion infused into every formulation. In 2006, Lorraine Marshall joined with Robert to market and expand upon Robert's product line and commitment to wellness. Thank you Robert for your lasting contribution in the world of health and beauty.

Lorraine Marshall is the President of Holocuren and active in management, sales, marketing and product development. She's hold a Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Arkansas in Conway. Health and beauty is Lorraine's industry of choice but her background includes building new companies in varied industries such as Dating, Tools and Transportation.  Most important to Lorraine is making the world a healthy, happy and beautiful place for as many people as possible. 

The Holocuren Philosophy

Holocuren is a holistic company offering products for everyday living on the cutting edge of innovation, purity, and effectiveness. Holocuren's Mission is to provide our customers with quality, high performance products that are constantly evolving and thus offering what is new and best in science and technology. Using only organic and natural ingredients we are dedicated to the integrity of our products and the wellness it integrates to ones body. Effective ingredients that radiate the divine power of nature will transform the health and vitality of the cells. There is a complexity and intelligence to all the products we make. Explore the path with Holocuren.


Holocuren utilizes the knowledge of cellular memory in the formulation of Miracle Lips, Miracle Propolis Toothpaste and other products that are coming soon. The cells in our body have a "memory". When cell division occurs, each cell whether healthy or damaged, replicates its existing state, creating a domino effect; where there was one unhealthy cell soon there will be a multitude of them. Holocuren formulations reverse this effect by changing the health and vitality of the cell back to its normally balanced state.