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A Luxurious Lotion and Natural Insect Repellent Combination 

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This strategic and aromatic blend of Propolis, Tea Tree Oil and Exotic Plant nectar plus aroma oils is designed as a luxurious body lotion that repels insects.  It supplements the skin's natural immune defenses AND smells divine.  Moisturize, Protect, Repel bug and Enhance Skin. That's the Miracle of Tropical Resilience. 



* Tea Tree Oil / Lemongrass Aromatic

* Fresh & Soothing Lotion 

* All Natural Ingredients 

* Hydrating & Moisturizing  Effective Trophical Barrier 

* Anti-Inflammatory / Anti-Bacterial / Anti-Viral / Anti-Fungal 


Natural Repellents are readily available. Miracle Tropical Resilience combines an extensive list of known repellents to provide the best possible coverage in jungles and tropical areas without the toxic chemicals used to repel bug.  Enjoy this spa like lotion that doubles as an effective repellent.

Ingredients Matter


FORMULATOR Robert Heiman