"Propolis is the first miracle cure that dates back to 350 BC. Honey bees make Propolis and use it to sterilize themselves. You just apply a little Propolis to your dry lips with a Q-Tip and your dry lips will be cured in no time."

Dr. Oz
Noted Television Physician

"We offer Miracle Lips at our practice as a non-prescription alternative treatment to our patients who suffer from cold sores and cracked lips."

Dr. Asher Milgrom
President and CEO of AMA (American Medical Aesthetics Corp)

"Dear Holocuren/Miracle Lips,

I just wanted to write and add to your glowing reviews on this product. First, let me add that I am a lip balm/product addict! At any one time, I would always have 3 or more laying around. I have been using lip balm pretty much all my life and I have never been able to find that perfect one. I am now in my 30's, and came across Miracle Lips at work thanks to our Spa Director. She had a couple of samples of Miracle Lips and she let me try both the serum and the balm. And it couldn't have been better timing...after, again, trying multiple different lip balms to help my dry/sore/peeling/flaky lips, NOTHING was helping. I have tried high end - low end, and some balms do get close to that "perfect status" but they either start to dry out my lips eventually or they just stop working...from Chapstick to Eminence, Nivea, Chanel, The Body Shop, Cymex, Bobbi Brown, eos, Burt's Bee's, Ulta, Sephora and more but none have done what Miracle Lips has done for my lips.

However, immediately with the first use of the Miracle Lips balm, I noticed a difference. I could feel the propolis crystals softly exfoliating the dead skin off my lips and I could smell that unforgettable tea tree oil fragrance (I love tea tree!). Within a couple of hours, my lips honestly did not feel as sore and tight. I was suffering badly at that time, with constant cracked, peeling lips mainly on the sides of my bottom lip and cracks along the mid-lip. Within a few days I noticed how much softer and healthier my lips felt. I have struggled with dry, chapped, rough lips all my life. Sometimes they would be so cracked and sore, they would be scabbed and red from bleeding. I originally grew up in England but now live in Southern California and the desert heat wrecked havoc on my lips and skin, but I am so happy to have found Miracle Lips. I can 100% honestly say that this is the BEST LIP PRODUCT ON THE MARKET.

I have been using the combination of the balm during the day and the serum at night (or when I am at home) for about 1.5 months. I love how silky the serum is, and how you only need to use a tiny amount (I have tested it myself - sometimes I smother it on, but most times a little dot will do and it will cover the whole lip area). In that 1.5 months, my lips have become the healthiest I think they have ever been. They are smooth, full, plump, soft and just look so much healthier! You can feel that the product does actually penetrate your lips and doesn't just sit on top of your lips. All that good stuff sinks straight into your lips and it really does heal them. Thank you so much for creating this amazing product - finally something that actually works and does what it says it will! I don't even feel that need to look at other lip balms now, because I know that Miracle Lips WORKS. I spoke with my Director and I told her basically all that I have said here, and how I recommend that we start selling it at our Spa because I think it will be very popular. Hopefully we will because I know I will definitely be promoting it!

Thank you again! and please don't stop making this (I think I may have to start bulk buying)."


"It sounds vaguely like something you'd buy on television at 2 a.m., but if you struggle with dry, chapped lips, this will end your search for a balm that actually works. It's so healing that it helps fever blisters and cold sores, too."

Dara Kennedy
Founder of skincare site Ayla

"I purchased the combo pack from your website in November 2012. My son has had trouble with fever blister on his lips since he was a child. He thinks this is really the best thing he has ever tried and we have tried them all. I want him to have extras on hand. Thank you again Mr. Heiman for this wonderful product. My son is 31 now and this has really helped his anxiety and given him hope that maybe there won't be another break out or lessen the severity - bless you!"

Sara N.
Kansas City, MO

"This is my second order. I sent the combo to my son who has had cold sores for over 25 yrs. Since he has been using this he has been free of outbreaks. It means so much to us that we may have found a cure. My sister just ordered the combo plus 2 roll on's for her grandson after I told her it worked for my son. I need to try this stuff for myself. Peace & Love."

Sara N.
Kansas City, MO

"Thank you Holocuren for the incredible gifts. I love Miracle Lips and I have it near me at all times! It's so dry here in the desert. The bee propolis toothpaste is incredible! We don't really have many mosquitoes here, so I am sending it to my brother in Hawaii. He is quadriplegic and can't just swat them away. He is also very senstive to chemicals, so this is perfect! Mahalo!"

Ikelene B.

"Wow this stuff works! I was hurting.. my lips were dry and I needed something. I went into a store and was looking at something to help me and MIRACLE LIPS was there and it didn't take long for it to work. It's good to find something that works! Thank you!"

Elijah H.

"We search high and low to find the best possible remedies to better our patients lives. Miracle Lips is exactly one of those exquisite treatments; so simple, so effective and so sorely needed by so many."

Alice Pien, M.D.

"As a long time sufferer from fever blisters and cold sores, the two-week healing period was something I could not bear any longer. A friend at a local orthodontist recommended Miracle Lips Salve, and I have never been happier with the results. I went from hiding away my lips, trying anything I could get my hands on, including Abreva, Lysine Plus, and DIY remedies, to fast healing and almost immediate relief. No other product healed my lips as quickly (3-4 days) and painlessly as Miracle Lips Salve! What a blessing for anybody affected by HSV-1."

Rebecca A.

"Thank you Holocuren for the incredible gifts. I love Miracle Lips and I have it near me at all times! It's so dry here in the desert."

Ikelene B.

"In the entertainment business, it's important to look the best you can, especially when you're on stage or in front of the camera. Through my singing career, I have continued to work hard to keep in shape and I generally take care of my self in order to meet the rigorous demands of an on-stage entertainer.

Needless to say, I have always gone out of my way to choose the best products for my skin and hair. Recently, I started to use amazing Miracle hair products from the Miracle Anti-Aging hair line.

My hair has undergone rigorous preparation over many years which was starting to take its toll. The necessity for the use of hot curlers, flat irons, chemical products, not to mention the desert California air, has left my hair damaged and lifeless. My hair is, shall we say, multi-dimensional (bleach blond, extensions and natural hair) and the Anti-Aging line makes all of it look healthy.

I was pleasantly surprised when my hairdresser told me that my receding hair was filling in and that my thinning hair was filling out, and that my hair has more body and luster to it, reversing the damage from previous years. I attribute a dramatic improvement to my locks thanks to Miracle Anti Aging Hair line."

Terri Nunn
Academy Award-Winning Songwriter/Artist

"As a hairdresser for 38 years, I've met a lot of people who use chemical hair growth products. The chemicals are not very healthy internally and not good for the environment because they pollute the earth once they goes down the drain.

Miracle Anti-Aging Hair Care is different because it's a hair growth system that is ALL NATURAL. I definitely saw a difference in one use. Miracle Anti-Aging Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum smoothed down the hair cuticle, made it stronger and strengthened the hair because of closing and sealing the broken down cuticle. This line repairs the cuticle and gives it a smooth, shiny finish. It definitely speeds up hair growth and for me personally, I'm seeing 1/2 inch long new hairs that appear to be new growth at my hairline. My clients are seeing hair growth as well.

I have long fine hair with a slight wave and these products give me volume, fullness and shine. They don't weigh my hair down so I get a nice curl pattern.

I definitely love the clean Lavender and mint smell and that it has natural oils and not a chemical fragrance. Also, it gives a slight tingle on the scalp, probably due to the mint stimulating the blood flow. Stimulation is what helps blood flow and helps make hair grow.

I think the pricing is very reasonable for the quality and results. With the Miracle Anti-aging Shampoo and Conditioner you don't need much - anywhere from a dime to a table spoon of product is all you need. If depends upon how much hair you have, but for average hair you don't need much product."

Vicki Bowman
Hairstylist with over 35 years experience and celebrity clientele
Crimson Chic Salon

"Applying Miracle Anti-Aging hair serum to my scalp regularly has prevented further hair loss and my hair is noticeably thicker and has more body... my hairdresser of 15 years has confirmed this."

Larry Payne
Ph.D., Founding director Yoga Therapy Rx and Prime of Life Yoga programs Loyola Marymount University, co author "Yoga For Dummies," "Yoga Rx" and "Yoga Therapy & Integrative Medicine"

"As a professional model, makeup and hair are a primary importance to my photo shoot results. In preparation for photo shoots, the continuous use of curling irons, flat irons and heated styling tools plays havoc on my young hair, but I found an amazing hair line, Miracle Anti-Aging Hair, which has reversed ongoing damage caused by heat.

I love the entire line but especially love the Miracle Anti Aging Extreme Conditioner, which brings my hair back to life. Sometimes after one shoot, it will take 2-3 weeks for my hair to return back to normal. With the use of Extreme Conditioner, my hair is back to normal after a few uses.

As a model, I have used a large number of different products on the market, and while some products have shown minimal improvement, I keep coming back to the Miracle line, as it has given me the best results. I am also incredibly happy it is a natural line, free of sulphates and other harsh chemicals."

Professional Model

"I have been using Miracle Anti-Aging Shampoo, Conditioner, Extreme Conditioner & Serum for the past few months. I love it. Especially the Extreme Conditioner. Here's my share: I held off writing a review because I wanted to give you the best info that I could & I needed more than a few washings to do that. So, the first time I used Miracle, I fell in love. The kind of love that when the bottle runs out & I don't have a back-up, I start to stress because I don't want to substitute Miracle's natural, luxurious product line for the #@!% they sell at on-line retailers, department stores, pharmacies, etc. It's A HUGE challenge to find an earth friendly, human friendly product. Even at a Co-Op or organic market, the products are generally not well formulated and quite drying. And I've used ALL the "high-end" shampoos...Alterna caviar, Pureology, Living Proof, Kerastase, Rahua, Fekkai, Joico, really EVERY brand that's been on the market in the last 30 years. They are formulated with chemical after chemical. As I have become older and wiser, I realize that I don't want the funky chemicals, genetically modified plant life, harsh ingredients, artificial scents, and more on my scalp or my skin. I also want fabulous hair and I don't want to compromise! About a month after I started using Miracle, I went to my colorist who said my hair is in great shape & asked what I was doing different. I have continued using Miracle for 3 months now. It smells divine. It feels divine. And here's the exciting and fascinating part....MY HAIR IS LONGER! Since college, I have wanted my long hair to grow even longer, just past my boobs to be more specific. Like a mermaid. I've had conversations with friends and we came to the conclusion that once our hair reaches a certain point, it just stops growing. This is what I have thought for 10+ years. I'm here to tell you that my hair is now 2 inches below my boobs. Our previous theory has been DISPROVEN! So now I have longer hair. More beautiful hair. Shinier hair. Soft hair. Tangle-free hair. Thicker hair. Hair that smells incredible after I wash it. This is true transformation in hair care. I highly recommend the Miracle product line!!"

Marnie B

"I have been using the Holocuren shampoo, conditioner and hair serum for about five months. They are unquestionably the best hair care products I have ever used. I have fine hair; these products make it manageable, lustrous and healthy. There are no chemicals to damage my skin at the expense of my hair. My hair dresser says that she sees new growth at the hairline where she had previously told me it was thinning. As a woman of 69, keeping good healthy hair is important. Many people assume that I am younger because my hair looks so great. I'd say Holocuren hair products are the 'Fountain of Hair Youth.'"

Using Miracle Anti-Aging Hair Care for 5 Months

"I just started using Holocuren. I am not good at taking pictures and I spent ALOT of time in the past trying "not" to show my widows peaks so I don't really have many "before" pictures.

But I wanted to share these photos with you. I have used 1 1/2 tubes of the shampoo and conditioner and not even a whole bottle of the serum and already I see a huge difference. Attached are pictures of my widows peaks with the fine short hairs that have been growing in places it never grew before I started using Holocuren. Also, I have a scar on my hairline and it was getting close to the front of my forehead. And it is now farther. My hairline has actually changed.

You guys have something really amazing on your hands.

THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing it with me. And my hair has never looked so good. I was used to being the girl with limp hair, but not anymore!

I was getting to a point where if I had to put my hair up, I would put on a hat€¦but no more. Now, I am proud to wear a pony tail. Hope you have a great evening."

Miracle Anti-Aging Hair Care User

"I just wanted to let you know that since I am back in Arizona, I have been using the Miracle shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum and it has saved my hair. I have fine but thick hair and when I have been in Phoenix area for several weeks, it starts looking like straw. I remember asking some of the locals what they do for it some years ago and the main response was "cut it off." This is something I would not do. Usually these products for moisture weigh my hair down and it becomes flat, but not with these products. Have a wonderful day and thanks for all you do."

Miracle Anti-Aging Hair Care User and Arizona resident

"I am a Certified Colonic Hydrotherapist and Licensed Massage Practitioner. I offer natural beauty, health and home products at my office and have used Holocuren for the last 2 months and LOVE IT! I have struggled with hair loss and have seen a major improvement in fallout and regrowth in just a short time. I would love to be able to offer it to my clients."

Jennifer K.
A Natural Path

"I love this stuff! My hair has always been full and long, AND after using these products, It's even better! Softer, smooth ends, a full rich feeling I didn't know I'd missed! Thank you!"

Miracle Anti-Aging Hair Care User

"I also use Miracle hair products, and wow! As I get older, my hair is becoming thinner and more coarse. Since I started using Holocuren's Miracle Hair Anti-Aging hair Care, I've noticed my hair is full and softer. Thanks, Holocuren."

Miracle Anti-Aging Hair Care User

"When brushing regularly with Holocuren Propolis Toothpaste, its important anti-inflammatory effects can be a successful tool in the decrease of known causes of Alzheimer's and heart deseases."

Mimi Gueneri M.D., Cardiologist
Director, Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine

I'm sharing my research with you. Google: Top 10 dangers of flouride. It's frightening. Then Google: How is gum disease associated with heart disease? Also frightening. M.P.T. contains only natural, human-friendly, ingredients. Not just friendly, but healing. Since I've been using this toothpaste, for example, I don't get those occasional little white bumps on my tongue from nuts in shells or pineapple. Now I eat both delicious treats. Here's my personal brushing strategy: I put a dollop of M.P.T. on my electric toothbrush. Then I start brushing. I don't mix it with water yet. I move it all around my teeth like I'm polishing them. Then I water up, brush a little more. Brush my tongue. Scrape my tongue. Done. My mouth feels fresh, clean and healthy. And it tastes yummy, too.

Marnie B

"I was at a trade show in Long beach and purchased two tubes of propolis toothpaste to try out. I have had a vitamin D deficiency for a couple of years and ended up with five pin-sized cavities and one larger one that I could feel the decay with my tongue. My teeth always hurt and I had no dental insurance to get them repaired. I am finishing up the second tube and realized during the first tube my teeth did not ache anymore. Almost through the second tube now and have no signs of any cavities. The larger one which was about the size of a half grain of rice is gone! My mouth feels fresh when I wake up and I am raving about this product to my friends. I have three boys and I am starting them on this now. Thanks!"

Lori G.
Ventura, CA

"Miracle Propolis Toothpaste is the best toothpaste in the world and it is the only toothpaste I use."

Ron B.
Vadnais Heights, MN

"The bee propolis toothpaste is incredible!"

Ikelene B.

"Hi! :)
My husband and I went to Italy last July. It's incredible there and you should go. The only drawback was the mosquitos. I knew what to expect as I read up on the cities we were visiting. So I ordered some M.T.R. and it arrived quickly. I didn't need to use M.T.R. until we arrived In Spello and Milano (divine! Can't stop smiling thinking about Italy) We went to dinner at The Galeria and I started being eaten by mosquitos. That night I had 32 bites on my legs and shoulders, neck and face. My husband had none. It wasn't a pleasant night of slumber. That morning I packed the M.T.R. into my backpack, not before applying it LIBERALLY to my entire body. I kept it in my backpack the rest of the trip. It seemed to help with the crazy itching. It smells divine. Be sure to apply FREQUENTLY and USE A LOT. Especially if you're skin is prone to bites. It was effective as a repellant. Made my skin soft, And not at all scary or worrisome to put near my eyes or hair. Thanks Holocuren. Yours is important progress having nature be the list of ingredients. Brava!"

Marnie B

"We don't really have many mosquitoes here, so I am sending it to my brother in Hawaii. He is quadriplegic and can't just swat them away. He is also very senstive to chemicals, so this is perfect! Mahalo!"

Ikelene B.

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